Evolving Transparency within Brand Safety and Suitability



欢迎来到 4A’s APB webinar series on Evolving Transparency within Brand Safety and Suitability.

This webinar series is designed to cover multiple topics that illuminate opportunities for evolving transparency within the data, 媒体, and technology ecosystems. From content policies and enforcement to managing conflicts of interest and to auction dynamics. We invite you to follow along over the next few months.

4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) committee is composed of leading buy-side advertising and 媒体 holding companies. It was established in 2018 to help combat harmful content and to address the industry’s most challenging issues relating to brand safety and suitability. This group has helped create industry definitions for impression counting and has shaped the industry’s frameworks around brand safety and suitability.


Episode 1: Content Policies and Enforcement


这个系列的第一个, Content Policies and Enforcement, 特性 乔·巴龙, Managing Partner Brand Safety Americas, GroupM; 乔Świerczewski, Associate 导演, Brand Assurance, dentsu; 罗伯特Rakowitz, Initiative Lead – Global Alliance for Responsible Media World Federation of Advertisers; 艾莉森辣椒, EVP – 政府关系 & 可持续性, 4A’s; moderated by Ashwini Karandikar, 执行副总裁-媒体,技术 & 数据,4.

Episode 2: Managing Conflicts of Interest


In our second episode of the series – Managing Conflicts of Interest – 耶鲁大学的科恩 EVP, Global Digital Standards, 阳狮集团媒体 Exchange; 埃里克·普拉格先生., Attorney – Venable, LLP; and 小罗恩·皮内利: SVP, Digital 研究 and Standards, Media Rating Council, Inc. present multiple perspectives around technology vendors and conflicts of interests. While there may be no illegality, it is critical for the buy side (marketers, 广告商, agencies) to be aware of any conflicts of interest and how they are handled contractually. Join us to hear some of the legal and ethical considerations around managing conflicts of interest and how you can address them. 由 Ashwini Karandikar,执行副总裁-媒体,技术 & 数据,4.



的 advertising industry is inextricably linked to data. Almost everything creates data in some form. 的re is a balance though between consumer privacy and data usage. Do we need all of that data? Are consumers notified and are they consenting to the usage of it? 的re are legal considerations that of course need to be factored in, but much of the focus today is around the usage of data to influence or manipulate consumers. This is much more difficult to monitor and prove. 的re are benefits of data usage to improve consumers’ experiences such as showing a product that is related to your search or previously purchased products. Hear from the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau on how to be sure data is being used ethically.

由4A主持, Ashwini Karandikar,执行副总裁,媒体,技术 & 数据,你会听到 Eric Prager先生., Attorney, Venable, LLP; 埃里克·沃伯顿, SVP, Technical 账户管理 & Platform Partnership Success, Horizon Media; and 加里·斯坦, Chief Integration Officer, Duncan Channon.

Episode 4: Auction Dynamics


的 advertising and 媒体 industry has been pushing for increased transparency in all aspects of the supply chain, especially when one company controls multiple elements of the 媒体 supply chain. Auction dynamics or the aspects that impact the price that agencies pay for a given impression have become a key focus area when looking for transparency.

Hear from the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau and the IAB Tech Lab about the various complexities of auction dynamics and best practices that agencies can follow while implementing this buying method.

由4A主持, Ashwini Karandikar,执行副总裁,媒体,技术 & 数据,你会听到 本Hovaness, SVP, Marketplace Intelligence, OMG NA, B了一杯啤酒, VP, Group Partner, Global Brand Safety, UM Worldwide, 安东尼Katsur, IAB技术实验室首席执行官, 凯萨琳Perez-Lee, 导演, 验证技术, 阳狮集团媒体, 和Rich Stora, 集团董事, 合作伙伴关系, 日本电通编程.